This is a high capacity industrial wheel with a robust polypropylene rim and RT VINTAGE tread coating. It can be used even in the presence of light hydrocarbons. It has an excellent elastic return, an excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion and a good resistance to atmospheric agents.

This series is the bestseller of RT Firenze. The SPV series wheels are suitable for practically all professional machinery where aesthetics and robustness are required (professional high-pressure cleaners, air conditioning refill systems, log splitters, shredders, heavy-duty hose reels, plastering machines, compressors, among others).

These wheels are recommended as a replacement for pneumatic wheels size 3.00-4 ″ and 4.00-4 ″ to solve the problem of punctures. Compared to solid foam wheels they have the advantage of being non-deformable over time even if subjected to permanent loads. The elasticity of the tread allows you to dampen the vibrations of machines with thermal engine.

They are supplied with a cover in standard colors. For larger quantities we can supply customized colors according to the customer’s request.

Item D b L d Weight g Capacity  kg
SPV 210 210 70 57 20 1760 120
SPV 260 260 80 75 16-20-25 2365 150
SPV 300 300 80 75 20-25 2800 150