This is a high capacity industrial wheel with a robust polypropylene rim and RT VINTAGE tread coating. It can also be used in the slight presence of hydrocarbons. It has an excellent elastic return, excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion and a good resistance to atmospheric agents.
Our item SRV300 represents the continuation of the SR series with a larger diameter and with a higher quality rubber. It has a single-sided internal core complete with colored hubcap. It can be used on milking machines, fire extinguishers trolleys and professional cleaning machines, among others. With a thickness of only 57 mm, it is chosen for uneven ground and for machines that require reduced lateral dimensions.

It can be equipped with self-lubricating acetal resin bushings (SRVB) or ball bearings (SRVC), like our items B1226 and C1226 (see our accessories page). These measures allow to increase the smoothness and reduce the thrust force required for rolling.

Item D b L d Weight g Capacity kg
SRV 300 300 56 57 20-25 1850 150
SRVB 300 300 56 57 10-12 1860 150
SRVC 300 300 56 57 12 1920 150